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October 10, 2016

Global Strategy for Womens, Childrens and Adolescents Health (2016-2030)

Goals for Sustainable Development: New Report Highlights Need for Investment in National Data Collection Systems The low and middle income countries need urgent investment to qualify the population collection and management of health data, according to a report on the progress of the Global Strategy for Health of Women, Children and Adolescents, launched in parallel meeting to the 71st ONU General Meeting, on 18 September. The warning is just one of dozens of Monitoring priorities report&#

September 19, 2016

Examining national and district-level trends in neonatal health in Peru through an equity lens

Peru has impressively reduced its neonatal mortality rate (NMR). We aimed, for the period 2000–2013, to: (a) describe national and district NMR variations over time; (b) assess NMR trends by wealth quintile and place of residence; (c) describe evolution of mortality causes; (d) assess completeness of registered mortality; (e) assess coverage and equity of NMR-related interventions; and (f) explore underlying driving factors.More    

September 19, 2016

Missed opportunities in full immunization coverage

An estimated 23 million infants are still not being benefitted from routine immunization services. We assessed how many children failed to be fully immunized even though they or their mothers were in contact with health services to receive other interventions. More    

August 24, 2016

Child health interventions - are we on the path to universal coverage?

Prof. Barros will be speaking  at the International Pediatric Association (IPA 2016) Congress, which will be held in Vancouver - Canada. He will presente the lecture “Child health interventions - are we on the path to universal coverage?